About Us

The CGHP Story

  • CG Health Partners, LLC was formed to provide market, strategy and operations consulting services to cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeons and programs throughout the United States.
    • The delivery of health care in the US is radically changing
      • Driven by the escalating cost, health care is transitioning from Fee-For-Service to population health.
      • Population health initiatives alter the structure for care delivery and incentives.
      • Achieving the “triple aim” requires stakeholders to work more closely, but more importantly as aligned parties.
    • How specialty care will be delivered and the form it will take are particularly uncertain
      • Specialist’s delivering highest quality at the lowest cost will be disproportionately rewarded.
      • Hospitals, health systems, ACOs, CINs and specialty physicians must integrate at some level to achieve the effect and efficiency of high quality and low cost.
      • Integration of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons with hospitals and health systems has taken various forms.
    • Each unique cardiothoracic and vascular practice must identify their own ideal model in the context of a changing environment
      • The ideal alignment model for any particular practice must achieve the strategic goals of each partner.
      • Identifying the correct model requires a systematic analysis of market, practice, economic, financial and operational variables.
      • Ultimately the financial model must reward the parties consistent with existing market conditions.
    • Each practice model requires proper valuation analysis of fair market value and commercial reasonableness of the particular structure. Practice valuation is often conducted by a third party and uses one of three methodologies (market, asset or income method) and often all three. Market valuation is relied upon most frequently because of the ease with which the data are obtained (purchase study). These studies, though adequate for many general medical providers and certain specialists, can be a poor representation of the true market for subspecialists.

The CGHP Difference

  • CGHP specializes in cardiac, thoracic and vascular practices and has the data to support achieving practice and physician goals of integration deals with hospitals and health systems.
    • We know the direction health care is evolving (pop heal vis a vis specialists)
    • We know cardiac and vascular surgery (operations and strategy)
    • We know the financial models of each affiliation model
    • We have the data to validate highest valuation for the chosen affiliation model

The CGHP Thesis

  • We believe existing productivity and compensation studies undervalue true market conditions in the United States for cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons. First, these studies are underpowered by small total and regional sample sizes to use for inferential statistics. Second, the studies suffer from significant participation bias. The most widely referenced studies likely sample only a small number of highly compensated practitioners relative to those at the lower end of the pay scale. Highly compensated individuals have little to gain from participation and likely feel most vulnerable when submitting their highly confidential compensation information. Third, current national compensation studies are voluntary, without any indication of data accuracy and do not require validation of the data.
  • The STS national database exemplifies how powerful data collection and rigorous analysis can be in a clinical sense. Without the STS National Database or participation of cardiothoracic surgeons, few of the most impactful patient safety and quality improvement advances in the specialty would have been possible. Similarly, CGHP seeks to acquire and use data to accurately value the services of practicing cardiothoracic surgeons as health care evolves. Just as the STS National Database serves to protect patients and improves quality, CGHP will serve to protect the current and future business interests of practitioners dedicated to the specialty.