Consulting Services

We have assembled and developed a team of healthcare consultants with proven skills and experience, particularly in the fields of cardio-thoracic and vascular surgical practices. We understand not only the strategic challenges the healthcare industry is facing today, but the realities of implementation. Our mission is to add value to our clients in every engagement.

Any practice can make do with incremental change—at least, for a while. But building for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your practice and keep it competitive in the changing landscape of health care delivery systems. Hospitals and health systems are facing an increasingly challenging environment as health care delivery and financing begins to shift from a volume-based to a value-based business model. Under the new model, provider success will be accomplished by offering services with the best possible quality, outcomes and access for the lowest possible cost across the continuum of patient care services. We seek to align surgical practices with hospital systems and other networks to put them in the best position to thrive in an environment of changing payment systems.

Customized Market Research

Compensation and productivity reporting tailored to match the client’s own variables. This product would be sold directly to the physician or group for use in negotiation with employer, or to support higher market valuation in the context of an affiliation deal.

Compensation and Productivity Consulting

This product is one where CGHP works directly with the client and not with the counterparty to construct a deliverable that would be used by the client in negotiation. The product would include the customized market research but would be complimented by an analysis of the physician/practice. Variables such as quality, historical hospital and group financial performance, competition, operational efficiency would be evaluated to allow the client to act as their own advocate in negotiating with employer/hospital/health system. The deliverable would essentially be created to allow the client to not seek formal legal representation but have to data necessary to do so on their own. This particular service would be excellent for employed physicians coming to the end of the previous Agreement’s term. Here, the parties are already in a relationship yet each has a profit maximizing motive. CGHP supports the physician who typically has no data to support a loss of compensation at this point.

Strategy Consulting

Model B and C (in previous version of the Business Plan). Let’s try to synthesize a service here that is formal representation of the client to the counterparty to construct an affiliation model and a financial model using the proprietary database.

Operations and Transition Consulting

After signing an affiliation deal or an employment agreement, the parties must begin the process of implementation. CGHP provides support to the physician/practice to ensure proper transition to the terms of the Agreement. Physician’s are typically operating or caring for patient’s during this period and find it difficult to be certain that execution has been proper. CGHP provides transition services during this period and provides the client (weekly/monthly) reports as deliverables on financial/operational/governance variables to ensure deal has taken correct form. These services could be provided temporarily or permanently with less frequent reporting to monitor that deal terms have been respected and followed.