Assessment & Strategic Planning

CGHP transforms practices through industry expertise and insights.

Hospital or other alignments (CIN, physician networks) come in many different forms.  When it comes to strategic planning, it’s relatively easy to set goals and objectives for your practice will align with other health providers, payers or systems. The hard part is determining the best way to get there. It’s critical to start with a partner who understands the intersection of the surgical practice and the business of healthcare delivery system today. CGHP scopes limited engagements to assess your current practice and agreements, and provides insights and leadership to adopt a strategic plan forward. Questionnaires are completed by the client to obtain information that pertains to the financial and operational aspects of the particular practice, referral patterns and a competitive analysis of the local and regional environment. CGHP provides tailored, actionable Compensation and Productivity data from our national survey to the client.

Taken together, the practice, market and compensation and productivity data are used in consultation with the client to craft various strategies to achieve their goals.