Escalating cost of health care

Bipartisan support to “bend the cost curve”

Health care transitioning to value based care through population health

Specialists largely on the sideline as focus placed on ACOs, CINs and primary care as the drivers of change

What will determine specialist value in this new paradigm for care delivery?


  • Nationally Underpowered
  • Regionally Underpowered
  • Sample Bias
  • Customer Bias
  • Nonspecific Data Analysis Yields Imprecise Information for Individual Groups/Surgeons


  • Systematically Underestimates Cardiothoracic Surgeon Value

Improved data collection to yield more accurate and actionable information

  • Large sample
  • Make results available real-time
  • Comprehensive sample of sub-group populations
  • Essential, yet comprehensive data collection

Make cardiothoracic surgeons the customer and owners of their own data

Highest level security (Industry standard)

Data verification

Simple, secure on-line tool for data submission

Composite results available to ALL participants at NO COST

Customized data analysis available to evaluate surgeon’s unique practice/position

Study to launch February 17th

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Trust that your value has been accurately determined
based upon the CGHP P&C Study.

CGHP P&C Study will be updated and improved each year to
concisely collect ONLY necessary information.